A little bit about me…

My story

My life’s work as a therapist has been to help people find their voice and be the best version of themselves. I’ve been fascinated by the human condition since I was a child; why we all think, feel, behave, and often suffer in life. This curiosity has led me down many paths, studying for degrees in English Literature, Psychology, and Philosophy before training to become a therapist. 

I’ve gained hard-earned wisdom and valuable knowledge over the years, both professionally and personally. I use my academic studies, my work with inspirational clients for over a decade now, and my own personal experiences with adversity to draw from when helping people find their way in life. 

I live in the beautiful city of Bristol with my three sons and our adorable little dog, Buddy. I must admit to having become a bit of a hermit lately as creating my Online Courses has consumed me whole – but it’s been worth every minute! I’ve been on a bit of a mission! 🙂

I believe that the global mental health crisis, the suffering so many of us endure, is because of a profound sense of disconnection from ourselves, each other, and the natural world we live in. We have lost touch with who we really are, how we are supposed to live, and what truly matters!

Humanity has lost its way and we are bringing the entire planet down with us. We are decimating species of plants and animals on land and in oceans – our cousins upon whom we (inter)depend. Personal pain is being felt and manifested on a global scale – We’re all caught up, lost in webs of our own creation, hurtling towards ever-increasing darkness and destruction. My mission is to help you disentangle yourself from all the mess and confusion, liberate yourself from dysfunctional and broken systems, discover a more empowering vision of your place in this world – and in doing so, transform your life!

If enough people rethink what really matters, collectively we might not only be able to save ourselves – but perhaps our precious planet! 

I’ve missed doing the things I love during lockdown, and whilst buried in my writing, 2022 is going to be my year of rediscovery! I miss skiing, (usually a bit wildly and out of control because I’m not as good as I’d like to think I am!) The freedom that comes with being on the mountain, gliding down the slopes listening to my favourite music, is something I can’t get enough of! I’m an avid reader and writer,  I love going to cool music venues or festivals, and being out in nature. Forests, lakes, and beaches are the best. Being near the water brings me such calm and inspiration. And I love the feeling of serenity!

I’ve seen a world full of contradictions: longing to be connected yet fearing rejection; wanting to feel safe but also pushing boundaries; seeking out meaning but finding life meaningless. These paradoxes came together and disentangled in my head for one incredible month in June 2020, following a series of traumatic events. I had a deeply spiritual, inexplicable experience.

It was like my mind came online, I understood a whole new reality and the interconnectedness of all things. My senses were greatly enhanced and my mind started making incredible links.  my brain was making incredible links. Information felt like it was being delivered from some external unknown source, instantly downloaded directly into my mind – things I can’t possibly have known myself. From incomprehensible mathematical equations to illuminating geometry. From discovering I’ve had lifelong undiagnosed ADHD to exposing hidden family secrets that revealed who I really am.  From the meaning of life to the nature of reality and consciousness. It was a month that changed everything I thought I knew about myself, our lives, and what it means to be human! 

I saw how our problems are so deeply interconnected and entangled, the same patterns repeated everywhere in a myriad of different forms. It might sound crazy and unbelievable – but I saw a different side of reality, what it means to be alive, and why so many of us suffer.


Photo of me and Buddy at our favourite spot, Three Cliffs Bay.

Everything Clicked Into Place…

My world was turned inside out and upside down. The insights that flooded into my mind have helped shape everything else since then – including my approach to Therapy,  Life-coaching, and my Online Courses. I bring together every bit of information into easy-to-learn formats that will captivate and inspire, take you on a life-transforming adventure, reclaim your lost spirit, and rediscover what’s really important in life! I’d like to help you find a way out of the mess and confusion, toward a much brighter, and lighter, future!

I’m an ordinary person who had an extraordinary experience. Before this happened, I was a stubborn atheist and non-believer in anything otherwordly. I don’t like to label what happened to me a ‘spiritual awakening’ as it sounds so trite. Whatever it was, the things I learned are far too valuable not to share! I really hope to bring positive insights and enduring change to your life!