Your Transformations App – well-being, life coaching, and therapy at your fingertips! Just like having your own personal therapist and life coach by your side every day, whenever you need them!

Giving you simple, practical, and spiritual solutions to your deepest problems.

Want to get right to the heart of your struggles where conventional approaches only scratch the surface?

If you can’t find the help that you need or the answers that you’re looking for… maybe, it’s time to look at your life from a whole new perspective.

My new app will provide you with 24/7 support, offering a unique, innovative approach that transforms your life from the inside out – and opens your eyes to incredible things that have been hidden from you in plain sight! Deeply spiritual and profound insights combined with ancient wisdom and the latest ideas and research in neuroscience, quantum physics, genetics, and many other fascinating fields of study. All are demystified and neatly packaged in an App that offers all kinds of support, in different learning styles and approaches, to help you transform your life, relationships, sense of self, mental health and general well-being.

The App is the perfect way to get to grips with understanding yourself and the nature of your struggles, whether you prefer to use it alongside our therapy and life-coaching sessions OR as a self-guided learning course! Available both in web-based and App formats.

Find clarity in the chaos, renewed belief in yourself, and a brave new world of possibility!

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The App & ‘Mastering Your Emotions’ course helps you to create meaning in your life, to find answers to the big questions, and gain insights so profound that you’ll never look back!

Inside, you’ll learn to:

  • Apply life-transforming wisdom to your life in simple, elegant ways.
  • Find hope and possibility when everything feels uncertain.
  • See the world from new perspectives, opening new possibilities – when problems arise, they won’t seem so overwhelming anymore.
  • Understand the challenges that come with seeking change.
  • Have fun learning about yourself and the mysteries of your life.
  • Learn practical skills and tools in daily life that allow you to apply the teachings in tangible ways.
  • Get unstuck from your problems and move forward with confidence.

The first original, exciting course to be released on the App will teach you how to transform your life by learning how to master your feelings and become a master of emotions! – This foundational course is designed to help transform EVERY aspect of your life, and will be followed up with specialised courses created for your individual needs!

These courses coming later in 2023 include:

Relationships: The Wisdom Of Connection

Transform your life by transforming all of your relationships – especially how you relate to yourself! Packed with powerful content, unconventional wisdom, practical skills, and real-world advice for creating healthy relationships, getting your true needs met, and finding what you’re looking for in other people!

Learn how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict, and build more emotional intimacy. Whether you’re looking for love, recovering from a broken heart, struggling with painful family dynamics, or simply want to silence the gremlins in your mind!

Reality Checked; Created; & Transformed

Time to stop hiding from yourself and everything that’s wrong – My Reality Courses take you down the rabbit hole into your perceptions of life, your personal history, your deepest needs and fears, and your darkest shadows.

Forget everything you thought you knew, see things as they should be seen, and tune into that little voice in your head that knows and wants more! On these courses, the scenery shifts as rapidly as your perception of reality! Content that will blow your mind and set you free!

ADHD: Your Buddy For Life

This innovative course is like having a constant companion to manage your ADHD so that you can get on with living your life. Gain unparalleled understanding of how your ADHD affects you personally and come to terms with its impact on your life.Your ‘buddy’ strategically prioritises and plans your day, boosting your productivity and keeping you on track. Practical and simple to follow – works with your ADHD and doesn’t expect you to implement neurotypical habits that don’t suit you, and won’t work for you.

Stress: No Time For Living

Stress can be a never-ending, self-perpetuating cycle – a hamster wheel that just keeps getting faster, a battle you’re constantly fighting. If life feels super-demanding and there seems no way out – burn out and stress could be destroying your mental and physical health.

Many of us are living with damaging, unnatural amount of stress in our lives. Procrastinating, spiralling out of control… This course gives you an escape plan – a way to navigate the pressures of 21st century life!

Body Woes & Food Fights

Don’t let other people, society at large, or your own insecurities dictate your body image or relationship with food! Go beyond body positivity and standard health & nutrition advice…explore the complex layers underpinning your relationship with food, and your feelings about your body.

Get to the root causes – our personal history in its widest context. Learn how to transform your poor body image and relationship with food by exploring what they have to say, and finally listening to the life-changing wisdom contained within your feelings.

Parenting: What Children Need

Constantly guessing about parenting? Worried you’re not doing everything right? Scared of repeating the same mistakes as your parents? This course offers a fresh, common-sense, and deeply human approach to understanding what children truly need and being the best parent possible.

Designed to help you to raise kids with self-worth, life-wisdom, inner-resilience, and integrity. Explore the role that your own childhood plays in the way you parent, what you’re up against in the wider environment, and transcend destructive cycles.

Self: Who You Are & What You’re Worth.

Are you feeling emotionally alone and spiritually empty – confused about who you are, what you really need, or how to connect with others? Are you beaten-down by self-rejection, self-doubt, and an inner critic that constantly whoops your ass?

This course teaches you everything you need to know to finally drown out the noise of your own mind, befriend your shadows, embrace who you are, and become your best friend rather than worst enemy. Get ready to find your inner champion!

Addiction: Unbroken Paths

Understand the root causes of your addiction and find a way out. Through exploring the spiritual, emotional, and wider contexts behind addiction, you’ll begin to understand your unwanted behaviour as a normal, understandable response to pain, trauma, or deprivation – rather than a personal failing.

The key is to understand what you really need, what’s missing, and how to replace your toxic relationship with your addiction with another one that’s just as fulfilling but without the mortal cost to your life! Knowledge is power – and there’s invaluable wisdom inside.

Free Short Courses (coming soon)

Authenticity: Living True

Social Media & Mental Health

How To Care: Supporting Others

Getting Sleep

Money & Mental Health

Rethinking Reality

Surviving Domestic Abuse

Sex: On Your Mind

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