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Yes, the courses mirror and complement my therapies well. You’ll benefit from taking them separately or together; whatever feels right for you!

You can use the courses to provide structure to your work, giving ‘anchor points’ to the things you explore more freely in therapy.

Or you may prefer to take the courses prior to therapy, as preparation.

Therapy often brings up stuff that’s difficult to talk about, so I want you to feel completely comfortable doing so. You’ll get a copy of my T&C’s once we start working together. Our work together is respected, including your need for confidentiality. You’re welcome to work as anonymously as you choose, and I would only take the necessary steps to disclose anything about our discussions if required by law.

I’m extremely careful with what digital data is shared between us – let me assure you as someone who takes these matters seriously: I’ll do everything possible to ensure nothing will be accessed unless explicit permission has been granted beforehand! I’ll give you advice on how to protect your personal data whilst using all of my services.

I am GDPR compliant.

Eye-opening, compassionate, challenging, disorientating, empowering, funny, uplifting, perception-bending, connecting, scary, frustrating, and enlightening… meaning brings light into your life, your relationships, and your mind. Lightens your load. Brightens your soul. Therapy is pretty cool 😊

I work to meet you as an equal, heart and mind. Human to Human. I feel so privileged to be allowed into people’s lives and to nurture meaningful connections. I give space, warmth, and perception. I have to laugh sometimes. I’m always kind, and real. I have a liberal approach to life, and toward people.

I’d describe working with me as being with a wise aunt who has been around the block a few times, knows a thing or three; handing you some woolly socks and a hot choccy by the fire, helping you to set your world to right.

My ADHD makes me a little forgetful and disorganised, but I’ve worked really hard to manage this – and will let you know how we can work around it so that there’s no impact on our work! I welcome clients with ADHD, as shared experiences can be as relatable as they are amusing!

My reviews do a great job of describing what I’m like as a therapist from a client’s point of view. Please head to my therapy page to see what people are saying about me

It’s a process that requires self-reflection and understanding. Sometimes looking into dark shadows that you’d really rather not, thank you very much. You will get more out of therapy if you actively participate; I’ll show you how. You’ll need to make emotional connections alongside your intellectual insights because we learn best through deeply lived experience. I’ll show you how.

I may suggest some things you can do outside of therapy; a particular book, journal writing, or interesting practical suggestions, little tasks, creative projects, or whatever – to help open your feelings and perceptions. Whatever feels right and captures your interest, of course! It’s your therapy. Looking out for patterns in your life and relationships is also helpful, and any pesky behaviours you can’t help repeating.

Therapy should be a comfortable space where you feel heard and understood. It’s important that our connection inspires you to work on yourself, even when it’s difficult. Therapy works when you feel moved, trusting, and hopeful – especially when most challenged, or up against it. It can sometimes take a while to reach that moving, trusting, hopeful place between us (especially if you’ve been hurt deeply in the past)– but you’ll know that it’s coming.

Yes, I’m a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists)

I try! My ‘Giving Back’ page gives visitors the opportunity to donate to various causes, including a pot that helps people on low incomes to access my therapy and courses. If you’re interested in finding out more, message me.

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