Working with Samantha over the last few months has been incredibly helpful in making me understand where some of my thought patterns have come from. She listens in a genuinely empathic way and offers meaningful advice and support in a way that only someone who has experienced their own issues with mental health can.
Katy S
I found Samantha after the NHS had failed to help much. She has been amazing and transformative! It has taken a little while, but I have started feeling better than I have in many years. Samantha is kind, patient, never judgemental and appears never to really instruct or demand anything. However, the results speak for themselves! If you are struggling, I cannot think of a better thing to invest in.
Chris F
Samantha has quite literally changed my life! With her compassion, understanding, kindness and utter professionalism, she has been able to help me unpick negative thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve me. The word that comes to mind is empowerment. Samantha has empowered me to start living the life I want to live with a deeper awareness of when I’m getting in my own way! I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Samantha; facing up to hard truths can be difficult but Samantha will hold your hand the entire way.
Bathany Mason
Samantha is a fantastic therapist because she really listens and takes in everything you have to say, skilfully helping you to break down whatever issues you are having. She does this by asking the right questions, and by understanding your situation quickly. She is kind, empathetic, patient and a calming influence. She is also very flexible, unlike other therapists who sign you up for a weekly commitment in both time and money, Samantha allows you to book in as and when you need, in single sessions or in a block booking. This flexibility is invaluable as when you aren't feeling great, it's hard to manage ongoing commitments. On top of that, you can book anything from quick 15 minute catch up sessions, all the way up to 2 hours in depth sessions. Fantastic!
Frasier Colebrook
Sam really understands the complexities of life and what it means to be human. I have found her courses to be extremely thought provoking, offering up original concepts and creative ideas that are really helping me to reflect on and approach life and my mental health struggles from a completely different angle. I have read countless self-help books and engaged in years of therapy, yet something is always felt missing preventing me from making lasting changes. Engaging with Sam's courses has led to revolutionary shifts in my whole thinking and I've no doubt that if you put in the work, you will feel the same. You can't un-know what you now know. Sam's approach feels personal, acknowledging the uniqueness of each of us. But she also draws light on how our struggles are so often universal. And rooted in much greater systemic problems. We are all in this together. It is obvious. Sam cares deeply about human suffering and provides boundless wisdom in a warm and accessible way.
Sara Williamson
Sam has been a massive help in my life. A lot of things that I have struggled with the past ten years suddenly seem real and I can now combat the future with confidence.
Leonie S
It has been enlightening and empowering. I have learnt a lot about myself and it has enabled me to move onto the next stage in my life feeling strong and rejuvenated.
Lily T
Sam is very perceptive, and it didn't take long at all for me to feel that she really understood me. Her ability to see clearly in me things that were hidden under the surface has helped me to achieve greater self-awareness. She has a talent for asking just the right question, always provoking the kind of constructive reflection and insight that is necessary to make progress. Sam is also very warm, open and extremely easy to get on with!
Rob A
It is hard to express the effect Sam has had on my life. I came into therapy as something of a lost cause (in my own view) and now I realise that although there is a big responsibility on me to maintain progress, I am as certain as I can be that with Sam's help and support this will happen. The sessions are challenging, which I like, but whatever is being said, I know that Sam is working tirelessly to help me and I am incredibly lucky to have found such a wonderful therapist. From time to time Sam has produced 'reports' focusing on aspects of our work and the superb quality of the insights and the detail have been remarkable. It's been, and continues to be, great!
Richard K
I have had therapy in the past and I always felt like I was talking to a counsellor who was simply doing their job. Having therapy with Sam feels more like talking to a friend and that makes a big difference in having the confidence to open up and talk about difficult things.
Brian H
Samantha has helped me through an extremely difficult period in my life made up of current and past issues that have, as I now understand, spanned since early adolescence. Sam's warm and friendly nature gave me the confidence to be open and honest with her which, I feel, has been a massive factor in how well my progress has been. The relationship between you and your therapist is important and I don't think you realise this until you start your sessions. Finally, Sam has given me the courage to be unashamed of the fact that I've been weak and needed her support. I know there's a stigma around therapy and some people believe in it and others don't, each to their own, but the fact you may be reading this means your taking a brave first step and Sam is 100% the person to help you continue on your journey to success. I cannot thank you enough Sam x
Ammie H
Samantha is a warm, perceptive and supportive person whom I am massively grateful to have in my life. Through our sessions she helps me uncover both the reasons and solutions for my issues, giving me the momentum and the moral support I need to get to where I want to be.
Emma P
Therapy can be difficult at times but only in a positive way. It's opened my eyes to areas of my life that i didn't think still influences my difficulties today. I like Sam's style because it can be as relaxed or as formal as you like. Highly recommended.
Deb C
I find working with Samantha to be incredible comfortable, I am able to speak with ease without worrying about any judgement or consequence. The environment is not intimidating and the conversation never feels forced.
Elle C
Samantha is a wonderful, kind person who has worked really hard to understand me and my problems and to sensitively help me find impactful solutions. I can honestly say that my outlook as changed as a result of our work together.
Emma D