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Do you feel your mental health has been misunderstood, overlooked or invalidated for years?

Are you struggling with long term mental health challenges that feel like an inescapable prison – because nothing works & nobody understands?

My therapy, coaching & app services help you reclaim your power – and give your voice its rightful place at the forefront of your care. I understand what it’s like to feel hopeless, helpless, and unheard – and it’s my mission to stop you from feeling that way any longer!

I specialise in supporting you with long-term poor mental health that hasn’t improved with conventional treatment(s).

I work with relationship issues, emotional overwhelm (or underwhelm!), mental unrest (inner torment), and neurodivergence, particularly Autism Spectrum and Attention/Hyperactive differences – NOT “deficits” or “disorders” – as I find those labels divisive and derisive as they implicate you as the cause of your troubles. It’s not your fault – you’re reacting normally to the adverse circumstances and harmful relationships you’ve endured, both past and present—more specifically, the lack of care and invalidation that’s prevented you from recovering from them!

The true culprits of our pain are deficits of love and the disordered, broken systems and environments we find ourselves within.

I aim to help you create a new reality where you don’t feel like a burden or a lost cause. I’m passionate about helping you find your voice, reigniting your purpose – and helping you change the record! No more listening to the empty tune of deficit or the chaotic din of disorder – it’s time to sing in harmony!

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See Life From A Different Angle

As a neurodivergent therapist, my unique perspective and unconventional approach help me cut through life’s noise, pick up on subtle cues that might have gone unnoticed, and get straight to the heart (and soul!) of your problems.

As someone on the autism spectrum and navigating ADHD, I bring a fresh and unique experience to the therapy space. My heightened sensitivity and deeper understanding of emotions and relationship dynamics allow me to forge meaningful, insightful connections with you.

I have something called “emotional synesthesia,” which is a bit like having X-ray vision or psychic ability. Rather than simply empathising with your feelings, I experience them literally – as though they were mine.

Not only does this save a lot of time and misunderstanding when things get lost in translation – it enables us to see beneath the surface, navigate right to the core, and extract the most helpful insights together.

Solving problems is all about asking the right questions – my neurodivergent mind naturally explodes with a million questions (at any given moment) all the time. It’s my daily bread. When I’ve heard your story and felt your emotions, I “see” every facet or angle of your situation visually represented in my mind – like a vast web.

From there, it’s easy for us to collaboratively find pathways to perceive your problems differently, uncover resolutions, and know what’s needed for you to become your best self – and live your best life!

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A Little Peek into Therapy & Coaching

Samantha has quite literally changed my life! With her compassion, understanding, kindness and utter professionalism, she has been able to help me unpick negative thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve me. The word that comes to mind is empowerment.