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Hi, I’m Samantha…

I’ve been a therapist in private practice since 2013, and a Registered Member of BACP (British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists).

Are you feeling fed up with contradictory information about how to live well and be happy, and tired of well-meaning ‘help’ that just doesn’t work, offered by people who just don’t get it? – you’ve come to the right place!  

Choose from personal therapy or life-transforming online courses with complementary coaching and discover a wonderful new reality of life!

I take a different approach – a very human one. You won’t be hearing the same old stuff you’ve heard before. Life doesn’t need to be a battle to keep your head above water in a world that seems to be swirling as rapidly downhill as your grip on hope or happiness! If it feels like you’re just functioning rather than truly living – I can help you find the right path.

 Perhaps you’ve been going round in circles, setting goals you can’t reach, trying desperately to think positive when it’s not how you feel, trying so hard but getting nowhere fast – I’d love to show you a different way!

Let me help you to feel better about yourself and your life, improve your relationships, break-free from destructive cycles, get a grip on things that have hurt or damaged you in the past, and understand what it really means to be alive!

What if you’re not the problem? What if there’s nothing wrong with you, except for struggling to recover from past hurts, and being uncertain how to survive this chaotic, overwhelming, and troubled world we find ourselves in?

My Aims

Whether you choose personal therapy or my online courses and coaching – my aims are always five-fold –  empowering you to:

  1. Connect…

with you as an equal; a fellow struggling and fallible human. Together we’ll figure out what you’re made of, what you’re capable of, why things have gone off course in your life, so you’re able to…

2. Recover…

from hurtful & damaging past experiences.

3. Create…

more meaningful relationships.

4. Care…

about the things you really need and will make you happy, rather than what others might think.

5. Quiet…

the incessant noise of your inner critic; all that painful and stressful stuff that goes on inside your head.

Is life just not feeling right, as though there are cracks in the foundation of who you are, and everything is starting to crumble? 

I can help you discover aspects of life that have been hiding in plain sight: another side of reality that will transform all your experiences and relationships forevermore into something fulfilling, and beautiful! Meaningful. The world is full of shadows, but they’re not always what they seem. Life has many buried treasures if you know where to look! 

Explore your Options, Choose your Path, Transform your Life.


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