Therapy & Life-Coaching

I’m a therapist who helps you to discover truths about yourself, your life, and the things that shape your reality, past and present. I mostly work online, via Zoom.

We’ll work together to unravel your past, improve your relationships, elevate your self-worth, and figure out the best way for you to live your happiest life.  If you’d like to find out how therapy can help, why not book a free half-hour introductory session with me to discover what can be achieved!


Compassion isn’t only about being warm and fuzzy, it’s about a meeting of heart and mind. Those who struggle the hardest are often the wisest and most resilient, with rich untapped potential. I enjoy helping unsung heroes harness their inner tenacity and find out what you’re really made of.

We’ll work through the narratives of your life, explore your most significant relationships, and talk about the difficulties you’ve faced. You’ll be able to unravel your past and current circumstances and gain a deep understanding of why you perceive life as you do. Gain the wisdom needed to see yourself and your life anew. 


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